Estates & Trusts

Share Your Wealth with Family, Not the IRS

Now more than ever, you need strategies that will improve the security and preservation of your wealth. The accounting professionals at Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC will work with you to craft an overall financial plan, including estate tax and trust tax services that will provide increased financial security, stability, continuity and improved organization of your family finances.

Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC can provide you with a variety of asset protection and estate tax planning strategies to reduce income tax, estate tax, gift tax, payroll tax and capital gains tax.

Share your wealth with your heirs, not the IRS. Up to half your estate's value could be lost to federal and state estate taxes because of poor estate planning. With proper estate planning, your wealth can be preserved and passed to your intended recipients.

Estate planning involves a variety of factors and Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC estate planning experience will help you and your attorneys provide security for your survivors and reduce or eliminate the tax due on the transfer of business and other personal assets. After an estate plan is in place, we also assist clients with plan compliance on an annual basis.