Retirement Planning

Improving the Quality of Your Retirement

Financial planning for retirement significantly impacts your ability to meet your overall professional and personal objectives. Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC can help you identify tax opportunities to proactively help you maximize your tax saving opportunities and improve your quality of life at retirement.

Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC Phoenix tax specialists have a comprehensive understanding of local, state, multi-state and federal tax regulations. We provide a full range of financial planning services and can help you:

  • Realize significant tax deferrals
  • Address retirement plan options
  • Objectively analyze your portfolio
  • Minimize financing costs of debt structure
  • Strategize retirement plan withdrawals
  • Select timing of social security benefits
  • Achieve your long-term financial goals

We accurately assess the impact of taxes on your retirement plans. And we work to minimize that impact.