Income Tax Planning

How Planning Enables Growth

While you can’t escape having to file tax returns, there are ways to minimize the impact and to plan well for your future. With proper planning and skillful interpretation of income tax laws, we help ensure that you pay the lowest possible tax.

Our Phoenix income tax specialists have a thorough understanding of local, state, multi-state and federal tax regulations. As an experienced public accounting firm, we provide a full range of income tax and accounting services for privately-held corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, estates, trusts and individuals throughout Arizona.

For businesses, tax planning is critical for growth. If you’re a start-up, Joselit &Johnsen, CPAs LLC can advise you on different ownership forms and the related tax consequences. If you’re an established business, we can help with year-end tax planning, as well as evaluating the tax consequences of specific transactions.

Income Tax Planning

Financial Reporting Services

Many clients have a limited accounting staff and rely on Phoenix CPA firms like Joselit & Johnsen CPAs LLC to compile or review their financial records, balance sheets, statements of income, statements of cash flow and notes to the financial statements.

These financial statement compilations are accompanied by a compilation report which states that the information was compiled by a certified public accounting firm; in many cases, a compilation may be sufficient to satisfy the minimum requirements of a bank loan agreement or an insurance company performance bond.

A review is a higher level of service than a compilation. For a review, Joselit & Johnsen CPAs LLC team of accounting professionals will perform inquiry and analytical procedures in addition to the procedures required for a compilation. Reviewed financial statements can provide great insight and open many new doors for family owned businesses.

Although not as in-depth as an audit, a review does provide many useful benefits and will often be accepted by banking institutions and insurance companies to satisfy their requirements, with significantly less time and expense than an audit.

Income Tax Planning

Business Consulting

The Phoenix accounting firm of Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC goes beyond traditional tax and audit services to work with clients as business advisors. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of a broad range of industry sectors and can provide innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC has been providing business consulting services to Phoenix companies for over 30 years, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operations analysis
  • Motivational commission structures
  • Structuring real estate transactions
  • Business succession planning

At Joselit & Johnsen, CPAs LLC we balance professional objectivity with personalized attention to help you increase the likelihood of your company's continuity and success.